Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's shaken?? Fun salt & pepper shakers at
Jazz'e Junque Inc.
Salt & pepper shakers can be collected and displayed on a window sill in the kitchen.

They come in all shapes and sizes~
Was that the phone ringing?

Got a match?

Advertising too~

Animals are fun to collect .......

Chefs ~ Cooks ~ Bakers ~

Shawnee is always a classic collectible ~

There's always a special set ~

Harley Davidson is always fun ~

Nursery characters are cute ~

Outer space is a blast ~

Veggies are fun and healthy ~

Be a clown ~the whole world loves a clown ~

He's Popeye the sailor man ~ Toot-Toot
Check them out with hundreds of other fun salt & pepper shakers at our web site

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