Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's Eat!

I went to lunch yesterday with my hubby. We went Downtown to one of our favorite places. "Miller's Pub".

We love the Greek Egg Lemon soup and they had it yesterday. It is a tasty cream soup with a wonderful lemon taste with bits of rice.

"Millers Pub" is open seven days a week, 11am to 1am. Their bar is open until 4am.

The service was good. the waitress was always checking on us. It was a pleasant Chicago restaurant lunch. They had the tv's on. Playing the 1st Chicago Cubs baseball game in Chicago. They'd hit a run and a bell would ding.... GO CUBS!

It's a bit dark in there. It has paintings and pictures of famous people that have been in "Millers" throughout the years. Also a few deer heads hanging here and there. And some"Riverview" memorabilia hanging near the washrooms.

I was a little surprised when I ask the waitress: "Are all the cooks Greek?" I was told they were Greek, Black American and Mexican.

The omelette's are good. The sandwiches are also. The hot beef sandwiches are tasty. I'm a little sad tho. They no longer serve rice pudding. BOO HOO~

If in town stop in for lunch or dinner.

I rate "Miller's Pub" 3 Chef cookie jars~

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