Friday, September 30, 2011

Eating Around Town

My Hubby and I went to breakfast this morning and we went to a place we have both been to many times. It was a 24 hour smoking place. But when smoking was no longer. They went to early dinner then close. Now they are breakfast and lunch only now. We used to go on Fridays for the fish & chips.
I really hate as soon as my butt hits the seat the server is asking if I want coffee. I wasn't sure. I said "no". She stood there waiting to know what I was going to drink. I told her I'd tell her when I ordered. I was not given anything to drink. Then I had to ask for the drink. Was she punishing me? I got the iced tea, it was good. The lemons were very fresh. Hubby's cup of coffee was never empty. The buss boy kept it coming. Drinks were good.
I could see my Rye toast sat there (at the kitchen window) for a good ten minutes before the omelet came up. So it was very cold and the butter never melted. (I like to butter my own toast) I was not happy with the way it was cooked but the server didn't come back till we got the check. I've been here before and it was OK to good. Today I give it two cookie jars. Will I go back? Yeah, it's near my house. Will I order a Denver omelet? I don't think so.

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