Thursday, October 13, 2011

Eating Around Town

Portillo's Hot Dogs ~ Well they have more then hot dogs. But they do have good hot dogs! Yeah you do wait in line to order and again in line to get your order picked up. But it's worth the wait. They have booths and tables and every time we are there.... they are busy! The one in Skokie has an outdoor patio for the warmer weather. The Char-broiled chicken sandwich on a croissant is to die for. BUT order the mayo on the side. If you don't it could get a little messy. My hubby likes the Maxwell Street Polish. He likes the char - grilled flavor. I grew up going to Maxwell Street as a little girl with my dad. We'd get a Polish and a root beer.  However I don't really care for the char now. Ugh! I like the Beef - n - Cheddar on a Croissant. It goes well with Gardinar. Again, order it on the side or it will get greasy. I eat mine with a fork and knife. It's tasty! I found the Grilled Vegetable sandwich was fair. They also have several types of fish sandwiches. They were a good substitute for meat. Soup and salads are also on the menu. Yes, there are people that will order a salad. They are pretty good. Everyone just loves the Chocolate cake. Well, I've had better. The drinks are OK. The fries and onion rings are so - so. The Chicken Tenders are pretty good. The Skokie location has a drive thru. I'm not sure if the other's have them or not. Portillo's are located all over Illinois. They are also in Indiana and California. They also do catering. I rate Portillo's:

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