Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eating Around Town

I've been going to Marie's Pizza since the 1970's. And the decor still has not changed. This is a nostalgic place. The 1950's booths in the bar and dinning room, I believe are original. But I'll say the food has changed. Go there for the thin crust pizza. They no longer serve wine coolers. Their cokes are a little on the flat side. The waitress gives you a little caraf so the glass stays full. They have a full bar and a liquor store. But do not have wine coolers?? They over cook their pork chops. So, do you have to order pork rare? The Italian beef is served without ajus on the side. Believe me it needed help. I asked about the Tiramisu and was told it came from a very good bakery. The Tiramisu was served frozed, it was dry and tasteless. The hubby said it had a refrigerator taste. The waitress was very busy. We went on a Friday night and they had entertainment. So the place was packed. I saw many families with children. When you go in you have to enter through the liquor store and on the wall is a charming vintage picture of "Marie's" looks like it dates back to the 1950's. If you are a Christmas person go there during the Christmas Holidays. This place has the dinning room filled AND I do mean filled with red and gold foil decorations hanging from the ceiling throughout. After your holiday shopping stop in for a pizza and enjoy the decorations!
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