Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What has happened to America?

It saddened me when my hubby, Roger and I went to Long Grove this summer. We've tried to visit this lovely little village of shops and restaurants every summer. We had heard of the Apple House closing. What a shame losing this wonderful old business of selling apples everything. They were in business forever! We wondered what had replaced it. Well, nothing. And most of the shops were for rent. How awful! What is happening to our country? This was a lovely place to shop and have lunch. You can still eat at one of the few restaurants that is open. But not much shopping is left to do.
Is is because people love to look and browse and not spend a dime? They enjoy the fabulous shops. Take pictures of delightful merchandise that awaits them on the shelves. Then post the pictures on the Internet. Talk about what grandma once had in the antique shops.
People wake up and smell the coffee! These shop owners need to pay rent, gas, electric, phone, security companies, Internet, buy their amazing merchandise, pay for a licence, pay taxes, decorate their shops, heat it in the winter, cool it with air in the summer. These folks hire people and give them jobs. If you don't purchase, small businesses will become extinct.


Lottie Lee said...

So sad but true :(

Unfortunately, I think people think of quantity rather than quality nowadays. Most people seem to prefer to get some cheap junky made-in-china knickknacks from the dollar store or big box store to put in their house, rather than by quality, made with love, made in America merchandise from mom&pop!

Very sad state of affairs, we can only hope it will turn around one day :(

Keep up the lovely work with your site though!
Stay Glamorous!

xxxLottie Lee

Jazze Junque Inc. said...

I sure hope America will turn around it's thoughts on dollar stores and go back to the Mom and Pop shops before they all close down.