Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chicago Wicker Park

Take a seat.............. This is a story about a checkered table..........

Where in the 1950's........... My dad took me to watch older men in this park play chess.
It's Wicker Park in Chicago! These may not be the same tables. I remember them being closer to the fence. Also there was a long line of the checkered tables and benches. Men wearing hats and smoking cigarettes~ Many were speaking Polish.

My hubby and I was in this area the other day and I had my camera in my purse.
There now is a Memorial Garden ~

People can picnic here and enjoy the park and the people.

It's a nice place to take a walk.

And to enjoy the scenery in winter or summer.

The lights in the center were lite up during the day.

It's here for you to enjoy the winter's beauty in Chicago~

There was the usual Chicago Park signs ~

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