Monday, February 22, 2010

Merry Mushroom kitchenalia from Sears

I'm sure we all can remember "Merry Mushroom" in the 1970's sold at "Sears". If not a mother ~grandmother ~ aunt or friend that displayed this fun retro set of funky mushrooms in their kitchen.

All is for sale on our web site Under Sears.............

Thinking of doing a retro kitchen? You can always buy a piece or two of this fun set here and there. There's so many other pieces out there. I've had the pots & pans, curtains, spices and rack, clock and dishes. I do believe there is also shelf paper with these adorable fungi.

STOP IN AT JAZZ'E JUNQUE IN CHICAGO AND CHECK THEM OUT! They are in our retro 70's Peace window. Located at 3419 N Lincoln Ave. Just under the Brown Line El ~ Paulina stop.
Phone 773-472-6450

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