Friday, October 21, 2011

Eating Around Town

Do you like fish? Bonefish Grill is a very nice place to enjoy fish. We have eaten at the one located in Skokie many times. They also have Fillet Mignon, burgers and chicken. But I only eat eat fish here. Why go to a fish place and eat beef?? Go on Wednesday. The Bang Bang shrimp is only five bucks. I love this! It is a great starter to share. I like the spices they cook it in or add to it. Served on a lettuce salad with chop sticks.You are served a small warm loaf of bread served with Olive Oil. Yum! The $5.00 Bar-Fresh Cocktails are a must have!  They have several. I like the Rum Punch. The coffee is good too. They are having a special right now for $20.00. You start off with your choice of a starter. We shared the Asian Dumping. They were tasty. A salad and a fish entree' with carrots and your choice of a side. The Garlic whipped potatoes are to die for. We just about always share the warm Jamaican Coconut pie. It is the best dessert at Bonefish. Make a reservation. Because you just can't walk in and get a table in this busy ~ crowed place. The dinning room is large and a little dark and so noisy you can never hear the music playing. I think you can come in off the street and eat at the bar tho. Bonefish Grill (Skokie) is located in a strip mall. It is a nice place to eat for a special occasion. I can't wait to go back again!

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