Thursday, May 5, 2011

Collecting Black Americana

In the many avenues of collecting Black America is most  interesting ..........  C. Miller produced a limited edition of cookie jars of her family of many moons ago. This is "Grandpa Washington". He comes along with a brief history of his life.
This is Grandma Bell, she was produced in the hey day of cookie jars by C. Miller. This is a relative that was a slave. She comes with a short history.

This is an "Annie Lee" cookie jar called: "Sixty Pounds".........
This is another "Annie Lee" cookie jar called :"Hot water cornbread". This one comes in several sizes, this is the small size. They are no longer being produced.
 This is "Amazing Grace" a choir singer produced in the 90's by "Clay Art".
Isn't this sweet Kewpie Doll cute?
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