Friday, September 30, 2011

Eating Around Town

My Hubby and I went to breakfast this morning and we went to a place we have both been to many times. It was a 24 hour smoking place. But when smoking was no longer. They went to early dinner then close. Now they are breakfast and lunch only now. We used to go on Fridays for the fish & chips.
I really hate as soon as my butt hits the seat the server is asking if I want coffee. I wasn't sure. I said "no". She stood there waiting to know what I was going to drink. I told her I'd tell her when I ordered. I was not given anything to drink. Then I had to ask for the drink. Was she punishing me? I got the iced tea, it was good. The lemons were very fresh. Hubby's cup of coffee was never empty. The buss boy kept it coming. Drinks were good.
I could see my Rye toast sat there (at the kitchen window) for a good ten minutes before the omelet came up. So it was very cold and the butter never melted. (I like to butter my own toast) I was not happy with the way it was cooked but the server didn't come back till we got the check. I've been here before and it was OK to good. Today I give it two cookie jars. Will I go back? Yeah, it's near my house. Will I order a Denver omelet? I don't think so.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eating Around Town

Roger and I had dinner the other night at Mia Figlia in Edgebrook. The wine list could be larger. But I was able to find a wine to my liking. We started out with the Calamari. It was very good. But the dipping tomato sauce was weak. They brought out warm bread. The server said they bake it fresh. However eat it fast or it gets hard! We both had the Linguini and Pescatore con Finocchio. It was tasty. The service could have been better. We ordered coffee, it was strong. We had to flag a busboy to get it for us. Just as we had to flag down the server for a second glass of wine. When we finally got the wine the server had to smell the glass to make sure it was what my husband ordered. Hmmmmm. The Taramissu was very good, creamy and tasty. I rate this resturant 3
Yes, I'd go back and try the pizza!

Eating Around Town

My Hubby and I go out to eat often in and around Chicago. We have gone to Omego many times over the years. It's a good breakfast, lunch and dinner place to dine. They have a large bakery counter when you first walk in to check out what you'd like to have there or take home. The baking is done on their premises. You are also given a bread basket with several types of breads and muffins. Yum! The service is good and wait time isn't too bad. Coffee is good but the cokes are a bit weak in flavor. They have several types of soups daily too. The daily specials are tasty. With a full dinner you get to go and pick out your dessert. It's a 24~7 place too. I rate Omega 4

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vintage Folk Art Soap Powder Pitchers

In the many avenues of collecting ~ Folk Art can be fun! I started collecting these charming one of a kind wood soap powder Folk Art pitchers just a few years ago. I'm always looking for more for The Retro Kitchen Museum in Jazz'e Junque Inc.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Summer in my back yard

My pets enjoying the summer in their new back yard ~ Chili Pepper Bling Bling (Google her and she'll come up). Chili is nine years old. And Opie a Flame point Siamese, he's about fifteen years old.